The Judy's Reunite!    April 2, 2005  (Page 2)

Crowd shots from the evening.




Nicholas Walton and Miss Martin



The Mod Caesars

    Howard Agnew, David Ritter, Tom Scioneaux, and Mike Scranton played a tight fifty minute set to kick off the evening.  This was the first time in about twenty years that these original members got together on stage.  The crowd's favorite song seemed to be The Girls of Green Tee, which parodies the young ladies from the "rich" side of Pearland.

    My brother, Mike Scranton, played a large part in helping the Judy's put together this awesome night of eighties music.






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    Thanks again to everyone who donated their time and money to help  raise funds for cancer research!  Stacey Adams from Pearland Printing printed the cool posters and Jason from Frankel's Costume Shop dressed up the Mod Caesars and supplied the fog and bubble machines for the Judy's.  Allan Madar snapped about half of the photos for this event.